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Border DME partners with McKesson to enhance healthcare offerings for customers in Laredo, Texas.

Laredo, TX - Border DME, a leading provider of durable medical equipment and supplies, has announced a strategic partnership with McKesson, a global healthcare company that offers a range of medical supplies, healthcare solutions, distribution services, and clinical resources. The partnership aims to provide customers with high-quality healthcare offerings that will help improve patient outcomes and support the growth of healthcare providers.

Border DME's Managing Partner, Diego Garcia, commented on the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to be partnering with McKesson to help support the health of our business and our customers. This partnership allows us to expand our offerings to include a wider range of medical supplies and services, which will help us provide even better care to our patients."

As part of the partnership, Border DME will have access to McKesson's vast network of resources, including advanced technology solutions, distribution services, and clinical resources. The partnership will also allow Border DME to benefit from McKesson's extensive experience in the healthcare industry, helping them to identify new opportunities for growth and expansion.

With this partnership, Border DME is committed to delivering the highest level of service and quality to its customers. They believe that the partnership with McKesson will allow them to achieve this goal, and help them continue to be a leading provider of medical equipment and supplies in the healthcare industry.

For more information about Border DME and their partnership with McKesson, please contact Diego Garcia, Managing Partner at Border DME, at 956-267-8405.


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